May 16, 2023

EmsanaRx Forges New Path

Today, the Purchaser Business Group on Health (PBGH) announced the equity sale of its majority shares in EmsanaRx, the pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) it launched in October 2021 to address the lack of accountability of the PBM industry. With the sale, EmsanaRx will change its name to AffirmedRx.

The launch and sale of the PBM follows a long history of innovation by PBGH that has led to many highly successful initiatives that were developed and tested with our employer members and then operationally sustained by other organizations.

“Incubating programs, products and services, bringing them to market and then scaling successful solutions is an essential part of PBGH’s DNA and mission,” says Elizabeth Mitchell, president and CEO of PBGH.

EmsanaRx and the related initiatives of PBGH played a catalytic role in the market and influenced the understanding of needed PBM reform among employers, consultants, industry leaders and members of Congress.

The sale enables EmsanaRx, now AffirmedRx, to continue its growth with new owners and PBGH to dedicate resources to new innovations and mission-aligned member priorities, including advanced primary care and providing its members with support as fiduciaries under the Consolidated Appropriations Act.