December 6, 2023

2023 PBGH Moonshot Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s PBGH Moonshot Award winners, who are recognized for reimagining the status quo to improve health care quality, affordability and equity:

  • The Boeing Company, for a cost-effective and convenient primary care solution
  • CalPERS, for an innovative biosimilar-first initiative
  • Qualcomm Incorporated, for a maternity care regimen that supports improved maternal health and birth outcomes
  • The State of Colorado, for an evidence-based wellness program that helps employees more effectively manage chronic conditions

The Annual Moonshot Awards honor employers and purchasers who successfully pursue ambitious goals centered on one of four health care purchasing and benefits moonshots:

  1. Advanced Primary Care
  2. Health Care Affordability and Accountability
  3. Maternal Health and Birth Equity
  4. Well-being and Health Equity

For more on this year’s winners, read the full report here.