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Influence Policy

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Helping craft public policies that improve quality, reduce costs, and generate value across the U.S. health system

The U.S. health care system continues to fall short despite some signs of progress in recent years. Unrelenting annual increases in health care costs are a major problem for employers in the U.S., hurting their ability to grow and compete in a global economy. We are simply not getting enough value from the dollars spent on health care, resulting in significant financial and personal burden on patients/consumers. Until sustainable solutions are identified and implemented nationwide, health care reform must be a top priority for policymakers.

PBGH leverages the influence of its 60 employer Members – who provide coverage to more than 6 million Americans – to shape federal health policies that better serve their employees and the general public. PBGH Members are some of the most innovative and influential purchasers of health care in the country.

Their experiences include:

In influencing policy, PBGH has two primary tasks: we provide information and analysis to enable our Members to navigate the complex policy and regulatory environments, and we draw on lessons from our Members’ extensive experience in improving the quality and affordability of health care to inform public policy makers.

Policy issues that impact employers and for those they provide health coverage for are wide-ranging, but generally fall under the category of issues that impact the value of the health care system. PBGH policy advocacy focuses on:

  • Payment reform, to reward quality, efficiency, appropriateness of care, and patient experience
  • Health care delivery reform, to improve quality and patient-centeredness
  • Performance measurement, to enable public reporting, accountability, and informed choice by consumers

To drive today’s health care agenda, PBGH programs include the Consumer-Purchaser Alliance (C-P Alliance) and the Purchaser Value Network (PVN).

Several recent public-private reform initiatives afford employers an unprecedented opportunity to share their unique expertise and interest in improving the U.S. health care system, including the HHS Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (HCPLAN), the State Innovations Model (SIM) program, and the Health Care Transformation Task Force (HCTTF). We work to strengthen the voice of purchasers through participation in these high-impact venues and through direct advocacy with federal and state leaders, who can benefit immensely from private sector input on successful payment and delivery system innovations already in operation.