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By evaluating and selecting Centers of Excellence (COEs) and negotiating bundled payments, ECEN assists Members who want to provide their employees with high-quality surgical care for certain high-cost procedures.

ECEN currently offers COEs in four national locations that cover total hip and knee replacements. In early 2015, elective spinal surgeries will be added and the number of COEs will expand to provide greater geographical reach.

Even when factoring in travel expenses and waived co-pays, negotiated bundled payments for surgical procedures performed by COEs cost considerably less, on average, than what Members currently pay  for these services. The cost equation improves even further since these high-quality procedures produce quality outcomes that can mitigate costly revisions and infections. Note that much of the cost reduction is from avoiding unnecessary procedures, with top-performing surgeons using evidence-based medicine to determine surgical appropriateness.

PBGH established ECEN in 2014, after having been inspired by several pioneering employers -- Walmart, Lowes, and McKesson -- who wanted to provide employees access to high-quality surgical care.  Since its launch, ECEN has received very positive reviews from employers and patients alike.

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Olivia Ross MPH, MBA
Associate Director
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