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About the Pacific Business Group on Health

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PBGH’s Member organizations -- private employers and public agencies -- are the most powerful voice for consumers and patients in the U.S. Ultimately, the profound concern of purchasers about the high cost and poor quality of healthcare puts them on the same side as the American public when it comes to driving improvement throughout the healthcare system.

PBGH’s approach is to use the clout and concentrated power of our Member organizations to test innovative healthcare methods in specific markets, and then to take successful approaches to scale across the U.S.  PBGH also uses educational forums, user groups, and networking events to maximize our Members’ impact.

Since its inception, PBGH has made some of the most notable improvements to U.S. healthcare since, including launching the first public website displaying health plan, hospital and medical group quality and patient experience data, influencing the drafting of the Affordable Care Act to emphasize federal value purchasing and accountability, representing purchasers in the Meaningful Use Health IT roll-out, and implementing the Intensive Outpatient Care Program (IOCP) for Americans with serious chronic illness in five states.

Today, PBGH’s 25 professional staff members are dedicated to the success of  major PBGH programs, each of which promises to further PBGH’s important mission and vision.

PBGH Mission

To be a change agent creating increased value in the healthcare system through purchaser collaboration, innovation, and action, and through the spread of best practices

PBGH Vision

A healthcare system driven to deliver the best health outcomes, experience, and affordability for consumers and purchasers