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David Pryor, Comcast

Members share a passionate belief in the possibility of transforming US healthcare


Rapid and complex changes are occurring in healthcare, creating unprecedented opportunities for purchasers of healthcare services to come together and drive improvements in quality and affordability.

PBGH is a purchaser-only coalition, representing 60 public and private organizations across the U.S that collectively spend $40 billion a year purchasing healthcare services for 10 million Americans.

PBGH functions as a convener, administrator, and advocate for dramatic change and delivers value to its Members in the following ways:

  • Implementing practical purchasing programs that return value.
  • Providing access to a network of like-situated professionals.
  • Convening Health Plan User Groups to address plan-specific issues and organizing Work Groups to tackle current issues.
  • Building platforms for the public release of cost and quality information so Members can form value-based networks.
  • Advocating with both national and state policymakers.
  • Disseminating timely information and alerts via newsletters, webinars, Twitter feeds and a Member-only LinkedIn Group and web portal.

Current Member Companies


PBGH Membership

For more information about Membership, please contact:

Lauren Vela
Senior Director of Member Value

"Our membership in PBGH is a great way to partner with other large employers to influence and push the healthcare system toward greater efficiency and lower costs.”

- Claudia Polidori, Manager of US Benefits, Chevron Corporation

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