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America’s Employers Save with PBGH Tools

What is your current benefits approach costing your company — in real dollars, employee satisfaction and health? In a recent PBGH survey, 95% of large employers said their health care benefit spend isn’t improving employee health.

PBGH is helping the country’s most innovative companies change the status quo in health care. Our members get cutting-edge ideas, operational support, access to insights from the country’s top employers and solutions that meet large employers’ unmet needs in today’s market.

We help our members get better value for their money and increase employee recruitment and retention.


  • One PBGH member reduced annual drug spending by 40% with our waste-free formularies.
  • PBGH helped a fortune 100 company reduce its pharmacy spend by 27% after evaluating its PBM contract.
  • PBGH’s Health Value Index can help you hold your insurers accountable and saved $2 million for one of our members.