Julia Hutchins

Julia Hutchins is Director of the Innovation Lab and Product Development at PBGH. Through the PBGH Innovation Lab, Julia creates pathways for providers and technology companies to work directly with PBGH members on the development and adoption of solutions to improve health, enable a better employee experience and reduce unnecessary costs.

Julia is an experienced and serial developer of new health plan and insurance products.  Most recently, she was the Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Apostrophe, a tech-enabled employer health plan that she started with a network of regional school districts and is now a multimillion-dollar company that administers employer health plans across the country. Julia established and managed the employer onboarding experience, implementation of a value-based benefit design, transparent provider payment and concierge member navigation and decision support.  Prior to that, she was the founding CEO of a consumer-governed individual health insurance company, which she grew to 80,000 members and $350M in revenue in three years. The plan became the foundational infrastructure and market for Bright Health.

Julia has a Masters in Public Health and Public Policy from the University of California, Berkeley and is an advisor to domestic and global healthcare startups through Boomtown and the Watson Institute.