National Health Plan Playbook

National Health Plan Playbook Cover

Purchasers traditionally have had little leverage when it comes to ensuring that their health plan consistently delivers the optimal mix of care value and quality. That’s why PBGH developed a first-of-its-kind tool that enables health care purchasers to collectively influence health plan decisions about supporting higher-value care.

The Health Plan Playbook includes nine performance indicators — selected by experts at PBGH in consultation with member companies — that create actionable insight into a purchaser’s health plan spending and incentivize both short- and long-term improvements in care for participating companies’ employees.

PBGH serves as the program’s facilitator on behalf of the more than two dozen large employers currently participating in this initiative. In that role, PBGH directly engages with health plans to track their performance against these selected metrics.


National Health Plan Playbook

Collective action among health care purchasers is one of the most effective strategies that can be implemented to send a clear message to health plans about purchaser expectations for policies that deliver higher quality, higher value care.

Program Staff

Marybeth Sharpe
COO and Director of Strategy
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Lucy McDermott
Member Account and Product Senior Manager
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