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The Purchaser Value Network (PVN)

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PVN is a network of and for purchasers that aims to accelerate the adoption of high value healthcare delivery and payment models through policy advocacy, education and purchaser engagement. 

The network seeks to:

  • Inject purchaser perspectives and innovative best practices into federal and state policy decision making
  • Educate employers about value-based purchasing and advocacy opportunities
  • Align the three critical purchaser sectors—private employers, states, and the federal government—around evidence-based practices

PVN purchaser offerings include:

  • Toolkits: PVN offers toolkits that highlight practical steps that employers can take to adopt value-based payment models. Each toolkit will focus on specific practical areas such as improving maternity care, evaluating ACOs in your community, and entering into bundled payments for orthopedics or cancer care.
  • Best practices: PVN develops, aggregates and shares best practices and tools from our partners and other value-based payment pioneers.
  • Webinars: PVN hosts regular webinars for employers to help them understand value-based purchasing and highlight real-world applications currently being deployed out in the field.
  • Meetings: PVN hosts ongoing regional meetings with employers in conjunction with partners and other regional purchaser coalitions.
  • Policy advocacy: PVN collaborates with groups in the private and public sectors to ensure that the purchaser’s voice is heard when new policies affecting new payment and delivery models are being made.
More information about PVN is available at www.pvnetwork.org


William Kramer
Executive Director, National Health Policy
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