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Consumer-Purchaser Alliance

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PBGH leads the Consumer-Purchaser Alliance, a collaboration of leading employer, consumer, and labor organizations working together to represent the mutual long-term interests of those who pay for and receive care – consumers and purchasers. In this effort, the Consumer-Purchaser Alliance advocates for (1) new models of care and payment that are designed and implemented in ways that meet consumer and purchaser needs; (2) the development and use of patient-reported outcome measures and other high-value measures, used to assess the performance of these new models of care and payment; and (3) a health information infrastructure that will facilitate high-value measurement, effective care delivery and payment system design. Our shared mission is to accelerate transformation toward a higher value health care system that enhances health, equity and wellbeing for all our nation’s diverse populations and communities and enable Americans to be better able to select hospitals, physicians, and treatments based on nationally standardized measures for clinical quality, consumer experience, equity, and efficiency.

To read more, please find our program summary here or visit http://consumerpurchaser.org

Contact Bill Kramer, Co-Chair, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .