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PBGH Total Compensation

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As a candidate moves through the recruitment process, we are happy to provide a total estimated value of salary and benefits document with an illustrated breakdown of total compensation.

Please click on the links within the illustration to learn more about each of the benefits of working at PBGH!







































Physical Work Environment

· Beautiful downtown San Francisco location
· Working café
· Library for heads down work
· Collaborative open space
· Professional Development
· Tuition (partial) reimbursement
· Coaching



Health Plans

· Medical
· Dental
· Vision


· Employee + PBGH Contribution

Employee Welfare Benefit

· Vacation/Sick Time
· Paid Co. Holidays/Floating Holidays
· Basic Life and Personal Accident Insurance
· Short term disability
· Long term disability

Addiitional Other Benefits

· Commuter Wageworks
· Adoption Assistance
· Gym Membership Reimbursement
· EAP (Employee Assistance Program
· Competitive base salary
· Annual incentive based upon % of base salary



























Experiential/Financial: Financial elements have a clearly defined value or cost, while experiential elements are those that the employee experiences through interaction with the organization, leadership, management and colleagues.

Personalized/Company:  Personalized rewards are tailored to the individual’s salary, goals, development plan, while company elements are provided more or less the same way to all employees, such as: benefits, work space.

PBGH is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its hiring practices.